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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Through the Fire of Translation

To anyone who has ever taken NT Greek, I salute you. To anyone who has ever translated Hebrews as an undergraduate student, you know that we have been through, as my professor has lovingly called it, a baptism by fire.

During my third year at Lubbock Christian University, I had a scheduling conflict for the second semester: my Greek class was to happen at the same time as my Advanced Youth Ministry course. Dr. Martin, my Greek professor, offered to let me move up from 2nd-year Greek to 3rd-year. I thought, "Sure! 2nd-year is pretty boring anyway." So I took the jump from translating five verses of 1 John per class session to thirteen verses of Acts per session.

Blew. My. Freaking. Mind. Had to read Wallace's chapter on Participles, and I had no idea what I was doing.

Having (semi-)successfully completed a translation of Hebrews, Acts no longer seems so intimidating. I must admit, I may come to miss the complexities of the Hebrews writer, but a breath of fresh air is equally welcome. It was nice to translate part of Acts 12 with minimal effort.

May we never again underdemeciate those who translate our Bibles and go to such lengths to do so faithfully.  Grace and peace.

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