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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Luke, to the College Kids

Our congregation is currently focusing on Luke's gospel, primarily in the classroom setting. Our college minister, Joey, has been walking us through a verse-by-verse analysis of the text, and we are currently up to 4.30. I am finishing up a BA in Youth and Family Ministry, and it has been a long time since I have attempted to read Luke as someone unfamiliar with biblical studies does.

Hopefully, over the next several weeks (or however long it takes for us to work our way through the long gospel) I will get to post some of the topics of discussion, along with some questions of my own. Indeed, I began reading from the beginning of the gospel and made it to 1.5 in about 15 minutes as I wrote down questions: Who is Theophilus? What was it that Theophilus had been taught from the beginning? What exactly qualifies as 'an orderly account' to the author? to the reader/listener?

Many questions arise from biblical texts. It seems to me that there are far more questions created than answers found in them. May we have the patience to continue searching Scripture, even if we never find answers.

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