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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Messianic Secret: Research

"The task is underway; the materials are set at hand; the researcher is a habitual procrastinator. How shall this story end? Stay tuned to find out!"

As if there weren't enough materials available for the study of the Messianic Secret in Mark's Gospel, I have set out to make another one. This is for a term paper here at Lubbock Christian University in a New Testament Theology grad course. Here is a brief view of the requirements:
  1. 5,000-word minimum;
  2. 2-page bibliography;
  3. Written according to SBLHS style.
That's about all I have to work with. I was at least able to choose my own topic, and I ultimately settled on the aforementioned subject in Mark. The good news is that there is a magnificent wealth of information available on this topic. The bad news is that it's my job to sift through the materials and decide on what to use and what to scrap.

For some materials on the Messianic Secret (a concept first mentioned in 1901 by W. Wrede), see (or hear) the following online resources:

Grace and peace.

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