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Friday, April 15, 2011

Irony is...

I've noticed a few interesting occurrences as regards this blog and its place on the webernet. Here's what I've come up with:

Irony is finding out that people who are searching for porn are finding this decidedly Christian blog. Here's what I mean: Blogspot allows its users to track how many page-views they get, as well as sources of traffic. I can see how many times this blog has been reached because of a link from Facebook. However, today I got a notice that some creepy bondage-fetish porn site led someone here.

Here's another one: Blogspot also tells its users about the search engine requests that lead to your page. I've been found under search headings like "greek linguistics" and "who did jesus raise from the dead". There's also one recorded request that led to me under the query "preteen porn images".

Now, I've never really been one to regurgitate the cliché that "God works in mysterious ways," but I'm starting to wonder. Realistically, I don't imagine that someone who is looking for porn on Google is going to stop just because they saw a post on a religious blog about porn and theology. Let's face it: if you're in that kind of mood, the odds are against having a life-changing moment by accidentally finding one of my blog posts.

But what if I'm wrong? What if God is actually using this online blurb about my theological convictions and general thoughts? I certainly hope I'm wrong and that these few instances have been no accident. May God continue to use what we deem accidents within God's intentions.

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