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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Questions They Don't Ask at Bible Bowl

Having just seen a photo on Facebook from a friend of mine from Bible Bowl (a biblical trivia competition, at its most basic definition), a thought occurred to me: What kinds of questions do we never ask at these types of events? Since the questions at such competitions are all multiple choice and no essays (all the competitors are aged 7-13, give or take a couple years), they have limited answers. However, were other types of questions available, what would they be? A few have popped into my head, and so I figured I would share them.

  1. What is the alternative number of the Beast in Revelation? (A: 616)
  2. In Mark 2.26, Jesus says Abiathar was high priest. Who does 1 Samuel say the high priest was for the event mentioned? (A: Ahimilech)
  3. What does Jesus say about divorce? (A: Which gospel are we talking about?)
  4. How many of the men crucified with Jesus mocked him? (A: See answer for #3)
  5. Did the Israelites cross the Red Sea or the Reed Sea? (A: Who knows?)
  6. Why are there different numbers of generations in Jesus' genealogies between Matthew and Luke? (A: Again, who knows?)
  7. How much wine did Jesus make at the wedding at Cana in John's gospel? (A: Between 120 and 180 gallons. Jesus knew how to throw a party!)
  8. Explain the Trinity. (Essay, 750-1000 words)
  9. Insert any question concerning Song of Songs here. It would probably be inappropriate for children, anyway.

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