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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Moment of Appreciation

Too often it is easy to attempt and/or accomplish a task without being grateful for it. Though I have not truly accomplished anything worth noting, I still have much for which to be grateful. So I thought I would take a moment to show my appreciation to a few people in my life.

First, to my friend Hannah, who so graciously has helped me with the design of this blog. I've viewed some of her designs for various things, such as her own blog and the products she sells there at

Second, to my friend Mitchell who, though he may not know it, has been and continues to be an instrumental piece of God's work on my road to recovery from porn addiction.

Third, to those bloggers (in particular the bibliobloggers) who inadvertently inspired me to take up blogging. Among them is Mark Goodacre, James McGrath, Cliff Kvidahl, Eric Vanden Eykel, and many others.

Fourth, to my friends Cory, Gabe, Tyler, Andrew, and Dr. Martin and Dr. Fredenburg: those brave souls who have helped me immensely in my journey toward learning and loving Koinē Greek.

Fifth, to my Spirit-Brother and his bride-elect, two of my greatest friends. They have been ever-present gifts from God to me.

Finally, and most importantly, my fiancée Julie, without whom many of the conversations that turn into blog entries would not have occurred. She is findable at

There are numerous others who deserve many thanks each for their contributions to the adventure of my life: Jim and Kaila, all my future in-laws, my own family, all the other professors I've had at LCU, and many more.

Grace and peace upon you all, and may God bless you in all things.

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