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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Fall at School

School has started again in my neck of the woods, and the signs of its arrival are many: incoming freshmen, one day of good food in the school cafeteria, school flags everywhere, on-campus construction (well, this isn't exclusive to the start of the year), and an electricity in the air that is due in part to the excitement on campus. The other part is the dry weather, wind, and the resulting static that shocks me every time I get out of my car. But for many, the start of school is a time of new beginnings.

This is true in many ways, even for me as I start another semester of graduate courses at LCU. First and foremost, I'm freshly married. I've never been married before, so I'm still new to that scene. Second, I start Hebrew this semester. I'm quite excited about that, and I think I've just about got the alphabet down. Third, my younger brother just started school here, and this is the first time in almost eight years that all three Hamil boys have lived in the same city for any length of time.

For a lot of us, the start of something new can be scary. Sailing into uncharted territory can be a bit terrifying. But with each beginning comes fresh opportunities: to improve oneself, to learn, to grow up, to adapt. Interestingly enough, these things are quite frequently the direct result of failures, which are nearly never any fun. So, in light of new opportunity, new beginnings, and upcoming failures, allow me to offer this prayer on our behalf:

Righteous Father, we pray your blessing upon us now, that, as we begin some parts of our lives, we may ever grow closer to you and in you. Consider us, your children, and look upon us with favor that your kingdom may continue to grow and abound in this world you have made.
Blessed Son, make your presence known here. Nurture us to become your bride as we eagerly await your coming. Your name be praised and lifted high above all other things, beyond the stars and all else. 
Holy Spirit, dwell in us and grant us your power. Guide us and lead us forth toward your kingdom, which we pray comes soon.

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