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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Small Break

If you could not tell, there have been no posts in a little while. I'm currently taking a break to focus on other matters at the moment. Check back in a couple weeks, and I hope I'll have something up by then.

As always, I appreciate you readers, both the intentional stalkers and the accidental happen-upon-ers. For the time being, though, nothing will be posted for a while as weddings draw near, jobs are sought, and other pursuits are . . . pursued. As such, it is more important that I get a job to support my very-soon-to-be wife and to help out with the wedding. I imagine Gabe is in a similar spot.

For those of you who check regularly but find nothing new, I have two possible solutions for you so you don't waste as much time here:

  • The first solution is to subscribe to the RSS feed. Copy and paste the following link into your address bar, and if you bookmark it the bookmark will inform you any time something new is posted. <feed://>
  • The second is to subscribe by e-mail up at the top of the left side of the blog. It is under the heading "Follow Reedeemed by Email". Just enter your e-mail address, and new posts will be sent directly to your inbox.
I hope you all have an excellent summer.

Grace and peace to you all,

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