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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Small Note of Thanks

Due to the job hunt on my part and Mr. Fisher's absence as he does God's work in Ukraine, the posts for the summer have been few and far between. Yet, for some strange reason, you people are still reading this blog. So to you I wish to offer a moment of thanks. I think as a blogger it can become dreadfully easy to forget one's audience. Even preachers, whose audiences are fairly consistent (given a steady location, that is), can forget who is listening.

So, to you, the reader, I say thank you. Whether you are in the U.S. and Iran (from which two places the majority of views come) or you're a part of the Australian continent, thank you for reading. As we at Reedeemed continue to try to improve ourselves, or rather, to relinquish hold over than power and give it to God, we pray that you are blessed by what you read.

Grace and peace to you all,
Reed Hamil

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